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Windows 7 Manager
Here are some program screenshots of Windows 7 Manager:
Windows 7 Manager - 1
Windows 7 Manager
Windows 7 Manager - Screenshot #1
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  1. GIGATweakerTweak settings, values and optimize Windows system transparently
  2. Tweak-SSDProvides performance enhancements to solid state drives in Windows
  3. Ultimate Windows TweakerA program featuring many tweaks for the Windows 8 OS
  4. LiveTunerA collection of tools for tuning, tweaking and optimizing Windows
  5. RegToyA suite of registry edits for optimizing Windows
  6. 7+ Taskbar TweakerAllows users to tweak their taskbar with mouse button options
  7. nCleanerA freeware system cleaner and optimization application
The screenshots for Windows 7 Manager are maintained by Felix Cheng